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Adnan Khan, CPA, MBA, CIA
Adnan Khan, CPA, MBA, CIA - Founder and CEO of DELTA CPA MBA

About Us

DELTA CPA MBA is a California licensed CPA Firm (an Accountancy Corporation). This start-up firm is founded and led by Adnan Khan, CPA, MBA, CIA. Adnan founded the firm with the sole purpose of dedicating the firm’s depth of knowledge and hands-on experience to help entrepreneurs, start-ups, small, and mid-size businesses flourish.

Our CEO’s profile below speaks in detail to his knowledge, experience and reliability as a business partner.

In terms of his foundation, our CEO and founder, Adnan:

  • Passed all four parts of the uniform CPA exam upon graduating in accounting from the University of New Orleans, LSU system (Geaux Tigers!).
  • He holds active CPA License in California and Louisiana.
  • Obtained his MBA in Finance and Strategy from The University of Chicago, a Top-3 MBA program in the U.S. for nearly 30 years.
  • Holds the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) License.
  • Possesses Data Analytics Credential – Holds all Five-of-Five certificate series issued by the AICPA/CIMA.

In terms of his hands-on professional experience as a CPA for nearly 25 years, Adnan:

  • Led Accounting, Finance, IT Operations and M&A functions.
  • Worked at leading corporations, Oracle, PayPal, eBay, Transamerica and Privately Held mid-size and smaller businesses.
  • Worked with numerous venture capital funded start-ups and mid-size companies.
  • Worked also at a CPA firm that had clients across the U.S.

When you engage our firm, you will be getting a CPA with credentials and the actual “hands-on” experience who “rolled up the sleeves”:

  • In your search for a qualified business partner for your company, we confidently welcome a comparison, especially as you consider not just the firms, but also who will actually work with you even at the partner level.

Below are highlights of our CEO’s experience, or, for a quicker read you can refer to WHY US.



At Oracle, our CEO worked as a Director in both Corporate Finance and Cloud IT Operations

As Director of Cloud IT Operations at Oracle (4 years)

Adnan was the first Operations Director responsible for managing the financial side of the company’s Public Cloud Operations which is the Engineering and IT Org that supported SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS customers in the cloud.

  • He created bottoms-up budgets for Capital, Operating expenses, and Headcount for this nearly $2 billion revenue business unit.
  • He managed a rolling 36-months forecast for the Cloud’s infrastructure needs.
  • He established and maintained KPIs for the business.
  • He managed cloud customer capacity against the sales forecast. This was a very complex supply chain issue. He coordinated with key vendors to ensure that the hardware used in the cloud got delivered and installed at the data centers located throughout the world just-in-time as the Cloud customers were forecasted to go live.

As Director of M&A Consolidation and Acquisition Accounting at Oracle (5 years)

Our CEO led the corporate acquisition accounting function including integration and consolidation for 60 Mergers and Acquisition transactions into Oracle’s corporate financial reporting.

  • For the acquisition aspect, he recorded purchase price for each transaction including establishing goodwill and amortizable intangible assets.
  • For the integration aspect, he managed and reported the financial activity of all acquired companies until they were fully integrated in Oracle’s systems and processes. These integrations took anywhere from 3 months to a year.
  • To integrate the acquisitions, he worked in-tandem with the start-up founders, and their CFOs/Controllers, accounting and finance teams.
  • He approved worldwide adjustments to goodwill and all amortization expenses.
  • He reported at least $12 billion in revenue.
  • For the Consolidations, he managed the month-end, quarter-end, and year-end closes under the tight SEC 10-Qs and 10-K reporting deadlines.
  • Acquisitions ranged in company size such as 20, 500, 1000 to 10,000+ employees.
  • He used various software of the acquired companies including QuickBooks, NetSuite, Peoplesoft, and SAP for the data conversions into Oracle.
  • His team consisted of eleven (11) professionals including three Senior Managers. Most were CPAs.
  • Acquisitions included at least 6 publicly traded companies including a Fortune 200.
  • Acquisitions included over 30 U.S. and Global start-ups.
  • Acquisitions included 24 mid-size companies.
  • Acquisitions included numerous Pre-IPO.
  • Acquisitions integrated into the company included software, hardware, and SaaS businesses.
  • He also led 2 divestitures.


At PayPal, our CEO managed Transaction Expense in excess of $500 million a year, the largest expense in the Cost of Sales section of PayPal’s Income Statement. These costs resulted from processing more than $12 billion in payment volume for credit cards, debit cards, and ACH bank transfers.

  • He was at PayPal when the company was the innovator and the most dominant player in the FinTech industry.
  • He established and maintained robust KPIs to analytically review this complex area. This analysis was the basis for the largest quarter-end accrual for the cost of sales.
  • He spearheaded the accounting side of accepting and managing payments in 15 additional foreign currencies, one of his fantastic projects.
  • He managed the month-end, quarter-end, and year-end closes for SEC reporting.

EBAY, Inc.

At eBay, our CEO operationalized 12 Organic entities to support various corporate eCommerce growth initiatives in the U.S. He operationalized two new subsidiaries for immediate business growth in two countries in Europe.

  • He converted Foreign GAAP to U.S. GAAP.
  • He established and maintained KPIs for the organic growth projects.
  • He led 2 acquisitions and 2 divestitures.
  • He facilitated the integration of Skype.


Transamerica was a publicly traded Fortune 500 acquired by Aegon NV a Dutch company.

Our CEO worked in the commercial financing side of the business as a professional Certified Internal Auditor where he examined lending and leasing packages for: contract terms, risk, UCC filings, business performance, repayment, receivables, bad debt reserves and deferred revenues.

He examined the portfolios of $15B in financing loans and the related operations for:

  • Commercial Credit Underwriting
  • Inventory Financing
  • Private Logo Credit Cards
  • Asset Based Lending
  • Equipment Financing
  • Aircraft Financing
  • Leasing of 18-wheeler trucks and trailers

He worked with a myriad of industries including:

  • Small Retail, Big Box and Department Stores
  • Home Appliance Manufacturers
  • Marine Boat and Yacht Manufacturers
  • Technology
  • Bio-Technology

He examined loan arrangements that included:

  • Business Lines of Credit
  • Dealer Financing Services
  • Syndicated Lending


CONSTRUCTION: The Largest Commercial Construction Company in its Specialty in the U.S.

As the Corporate Assistant Controller of a nationwide mid-size privately held corporation, our CEO was responsible for the Accounting and Finance of a 20+ operating subsidiary business that had nearly 3,000 employees. The company provided Manufacturing, Installation, and Maintenance services contracts to industrial businesses, federal, state, and local governments.

  • He managed the consolidation and accounting operations for month-end, quarter-end and year-end closes.
  • He prepared the financial statements for reporting to the Board of Directors, shareholders and lead syndicate bank.
  • He prepared the financial analysis for each operating subsidiary to gauge their financial performance and the direction of the business.
  • He improved and maintained KPIs for the entire company.
  • He managed the Treasury function including the revolver loan, drawdowns, and quarterly covenant reporting to a syndicate of banks that provided the revolving line of credit.
  • He integrated 13 acquisitions.
  • This business was similar to the financial management and consolidation of independent franchise operations.
  • He managed the corporate payroll.

REAL ESTATE: Commercial and Residential Investment, Financing, and Leasing Company

At this family-owned business, our founder, as a recent college graduate, did everything here as he was the most junior member of the accounting team and the company!

  • He performed the Full-Cycle Accounting, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, W-2s, Form 1098s, Form 1099s, and filings with the IRS and State.
  • He performed a deep-dive review of the tax returns prepared by the CPA firm for sign-off by the owner. The forms included voluminous and multiple 1120-S, 1065, and 1040.

He performed the full-cycle accounting for:

  • Mortgage lending
  • Commercial lending
  • Real Estate portfolio of Strip Malls, Shopping Centers, Residential and Office Properties

Of all the spectacular jobs our CEO has held, he regards this as his most cherished job and the foundation to his career. Working directly out of undergrad so closely with the owner and founder of the business, his family, CFO, and all others was one of the greatest learning opportunities.


Our CEO worked with a small CPA firm that has clients throughout the U.S. in a niche business sector.

  • He performed year-end and interim GAAP audits.
  • He also audited 401(k) and 403(b) Retirement Plans.


  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) active license held in California
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) active license held in Louisiana
  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) active license held in the U.S.
  • Data Analytics Credential – Holds all Five-of-Five certificate series issued by the AICPA/CIMA
  • Member American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • Member California Society of CPAs (CalCPA)


Our founder and CEO lives in Irvine, California with his wife of more than 20 years. They enjoy their quality time just talking, biking, walking and reading at local coffee houses. Adnan also enjoys hiking and loves watching college football, in particular his beloved LSU Tigers.

Adnan and his wife support academic charities ranging from elementary to high schools in Southern California. He believes strongly in supporting organizations that provide a foundation for kids to achieve through proper academic support. 

When he and his wife lived in Northern California, he served on the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement of Northern California. Adnan also served on the Board’s Finance committee.

He was not only involved with Oracle’s funding of Junior Achievement but also led the volunteer instructors for JA’s classroom programs. He recruited and led the teams of company-wide colleagues who volunteered from Oracle’s headquarters. He also taught Junior Achievement courses when he lived in Chicago.

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