M&A: Due Diligence


M&A: Due Diligence

Buying, selling or merging a business of any size is a huge undertaking. Among other factors:

  • Financial Due Diligence has a direct impact on the purchase price of a transaction.
  • As an example, improper normalizing of the financial statements and related data can easily result in an overpayment by the buyer.

Frankly a business should always use professionals experienced in M&A activity when undertaking a sale or purchase of a business.

  • DELTA CPA MBA is highly qualified and experienced in M&A transactions.
  • We have successfully handled the financial due diligence multiple times.
  • We run a very efficient due diligence process at a reasonable flat fee.
  • We have done this at Fortune 500 corporations as well as Small to Mid-size companies.

We provide these essential due diligence services to support pricing decisions and to minimize uncertainty.  We work closely with the owners and the management team to understand the vision for the acquisition.

  • These services reveal the real financial performance of the target by identifying any unusual and/or non-recurring items, GAAP departures, and other issues.
  • These services also reveal the quality of the assets being acquired and the liabilities.

FACTS – Our CEOs expertise:

Our CEO has successfully managed more than 75 M&A transactions.

His wide range of M&A experience includes:

  • 6 publicly traded companies acquired, including a Fortune 200 company
  • Nearly 35 mid-size companies
  • More than 30 start-ups
  • 5 divestiture transactions
  • Acquired businesses and divestitures were in the U.S., Europe, Israel, Asia, and Australia

Adnan is following his passion. He is leveraging his depth of expertise to support the acquisition initiatives of “start-ups, small, and mid-size” businesses. He applies the strategies, methodologies and playbooks used by Fortune 500s.

For more about our experience in these areas, please see About US (detailed version).

Our Pricing:
We offer a simple and affordable flat fee structure. We value long-term relationships and our prices are very competitive.

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